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Smith-Kenyon Insurance Resources, LLC. About Agency

We help our clients make decisions regarding their insurance protection and that help provide options.

We help to provide insurance and financial protection. We help others think about and position themselves for what we call, the "NextBest10™ or NextBestYears ™

 What is: your NextBest10 ™, or NextBestYears™ :

  • Looking and positioning life events that are beneficial for you and your family
  • Sharing and seeking memories, like we share at: htttp://
  • Helping one another
  • Showing what we've learned and be open to learning about what you've learned
  • Our future site that facilitates Next Best Ten is coming soon

At  Smith-Kenyon Insurance Resources, LLC, our #1 job is to assist you in identifying your needs and problems, while putting together a customized plan that's simple and easy to understand.

The companies we represent offer tested, reliable insurance products and excellent customer service. We make sure that the insurance companies that we represent have an outstanding reputation for fast, fair claims service.

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